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Welcome to Parapluie, home of reliable, quality professional production services.

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Parapluie's client testimonials…

Here are a few things that our clients (and our clients' clients) have to say about Parapluie.

from Cossette Atlantic…

Parapluie has provided excellent service for design and production on a variety of projects for me. Kenneth has always proved to be reliable and is very proactive in planning ahead for upcoming work and managing expectations.

Whether working remotely, and communicating by email, or working in the office as an extended member of the team, Kenneth contributes with consistent high standards and attention to detail. I would readily recommend Parapluie for creative services.

Lee Stafford,
Production Manager

See sample work completed for Cossette Atlantic.

from Dalhousie University…

Parapluie has helped Dalhousie produce dynamic presentations. The results have brought tremendous success. The group is able to meet a wide range of challenges, from creative and design to technical, and to think beyond the obvious assignment at hand. I rely on them for their intelligent solutions. And they are a pleasure to work with.

Fran Ornstein,
Creative Director,
Creative Services

See sample work completed for Dalhousie University.

from HRM PowerWash…

We are about 40% ahead of last year — which is thanks to Parapluie's hard work.

Penny Fieldhouse

See sample work completed for HRM PowerWash.

from Lighthouse Publishing…

The complete file you sent was great. I prefer the file split as you did but, you're the first person to do it right. :-)

Mike Lacey,

See sample work completed for Lighthouse Publishing.

from Melon Inc…

When I hire Parapluie, I know that the job will be done right. Their attention to detail and solid prepress means that I can relax and start my next design project with a clear mind.

Paul Douglas,

See sample work completed for Melon Inc.

from Robie Street Dental Centre…

Teens Now Talk magazine is a fantastic publication which youth and parents alike enjoy reading while in our office. Hats off to the designer for the powerful layout which injects energy and brings life to the writing while engaging readers to read the magazine from cover to cover.

Dr. Thomas H. Boyle,

See sample work completed for Robie Street Dental Centre.

from Teens Now Talk Magazine…

As the owner of a teen publication written by teens for teens, I required a designer who can first think outside the box, second combine passion, commitment, flexibility and efficiency and third, process the ability to transform our youth driven vision into an explosive product that truly reflects the voice of today's youth. Parapluie Communications delivers every time!

Parapluie consistently keeps each issue fresh and on the pulse of change, while the innovative layouts not only compliment the writers but also engage the readers to read the magazine from cover to cover. Each page is truly a work of art. Thank you Kenneth and Parapluie Communications!

Jessica Bowden,

See sample work completed for Teens Now Talk Magazine.

from University of Glasgow…

When Mr. Harvie offered me a one-on-one consultation to help me realise my vision for a personal academic website, I was deeply impressed by the palette of options he presented me with, and by the sense of confidence he instilled in me that Parapluie Communications could handle my rather unique requirements. The results were spot-on: an attractive frame and innovative layout that perfectly showcased the information I wanted to convey.

Kenneth added in his own original content and features to the site that went beyond my expectations, while remaining attentive to my specifications. The follow-up service has been excellent; whenever I needed changes done to the site, Parapluie took care of these efficiently and expertly. I had no hesitations when I recommended this business to several of my associates who needed precision-perfect graphic design work done at short notice.

Christopher Yorke,
Ph.D Candidate,
Department of Philosophy

See sample work completed for University of Glasgow.

from Valerie Bellamy Project Mgmt.…

I worked with Parapluie on a large, complicated workshop binder project last spring. Parapluie provided production art for this project. Because of their experience, they instinctively understood the challenges we faced working with multiple clients.

Parapluie took the design provided by the art director and made it work for many different content formats. They were always professional, no matter how crazy the request. The final files printed perfectly, the binders were delivered on time and the clients were thrilled with the results.

Valerie Bellamy,

See sample work completed for Valerie Bellamy Project Mgmt..

from Wayfinder Consulting Inc.…

The Parapluie Team was able to understand and interpret my communication needs, and to design high-quality, professional communication tools to support my business enterprise.

Parapluie was responsive to my design requirements, and a pleasure to work with. I would work with the Parapluie Team again at any time, and would happily recommend them to my colleagues.

Susan Smith,
President and C.E.O.

See sample work completed for Wayfinder Consulting Inc..

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