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Parapluie sample project: Codex Rare Books Database and Web Interface

Image of Parapluie project: Codex Rare Books Database and Web Interface

Codex Rare Books is a large database of titles, information and images of rare printed books from the 15th through the 20th century, in all fields, languages and places of printing.

Parapluie supports Codex by building automation tools for uploading and hosting double-HD resolution images — visually recording even the very texture of the paper upon which the book is printed.

Parapluie's cohesive design unites the website with the Parapluie-manufactured database construction, curation, and exposition tools, including specialized database search tools.

Sample image of Parapluie project: Codex Rare Books Database and Web Interface

Sample image of Parapluie project: Codex Rare Books Database and Web Interface

Sample image of Parapluie project: Codex Rare Books Database and Web Interface

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