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Parapluie sample project: ACORN Organic Pop-up Education Kits

Image of Parapluie project: ACORN Organic Pop-up Education Kits

Since 2000, ACORN has been the key organization in Atlantic Canada for information on organic agriculture, eating organics, and connecting all the parts together.

ACORN asked Parapluie to build an education kit which would act as a focal point and teaching tool for an increasing number of community seed libraries across the region.

They needed an efficient way to share valuable knowledge with the interested public.

The large-format display and related materials are well-organized and tastefully extend the ACORN brand identity by using organic typography, colours, and imagery.

Parapluie has a special rate system to accommodate the reduced budgets of not-for-profit groups.

Please enquire at (902) 455-0745.

Sample image of Parapluie project: ACORN Organic Pop-up Education Kits

Sample image of Parapluie project: ACORN Organic Pop-up Education Kits

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Parapluie offers full-service typesetting of right-to-left scripts such as Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, and Japanese. This includes print and digital projects, as well as video subtitling services.

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After spending a lot of time and money on producing your advertising materials or public announcements, you certainly do not want to neglect a well-thought-out plan for placing these in the most effective settings. Parapluie will work with all media outlets to create a holistic distribution plan that maximizes exposure and minimizes your budget expenditure.

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