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Dalhousie University — branded sticky note pads

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Dalhousie University — branded sticky note pads…

The English Department at Dalhousie University needed an easy and memorable takeaway for events at which potential students make decisions about their future schooling. Parapluie produced a simple sticky note pad that is a quick and neat pick-up for the future students. The sticky has the added advantage of aiding in the task that these students have at hand — it is both easy to toss in a binder, and an effective way to record and store data for quick recall. This means that the Dalhousie brand stays – stuck – in front of the eyes and minds of prospective students. Parapluie's close relationship with expert commercial printers also made the cost of producing the sticky notes very reasonable.

This is an image of Parapluie's work for Dalhousie University. This is an image of Parapluie's work for Dalhousie University.

Photography: Dalhousie University.

In our client's own words…

Parapluie has helped Dalhousie produce dynamic presentations. The results have brought tremendous success. The group is able to meet a wide range of challenges, from creative and design to technical, and to think beyond the obvious assignment at hand. I rely on them for their intelligent solutions. And they are a pleasure to work with.

Fran Ornstein
Creative Director
Creative Services
Dalhousie University

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Parapluie helped Dal produce dynamic presentations that have brought tremendous success.

Fran Ornstein, Dalhousie University


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